Peabody Talent Show Tryouts Tonight at 7!

8 Nov

Yo’ Peabodians tonight in the lounge Anil is hosting Peabody Talent Show Tryouts!  If you’re interested come on down to the front office and sign up!  TRYOUTS ARE AT SEVEN! AT 7! AT 7!  We will also be having tryouts for Temple’s Got Talent at the same time, you can try out for both or one. Whatever you feel like doing! So come.

Peabody Talent Show & Beauty Pageant, Monday November 21st at 8PM in the basement there will be a beauty pageant as well.
The categories for the pageant will be the following, each person who signs up has to be a part of all three:

·         1. Slumber wear ( night time clothing that is not explicit)

·         2. Party/Cocktail dress

·         3. Your Style ( an outfit designed and created by the participant or clothing that defines them)

* Questionnaire (1 question to each of the participants)

All clothing MUST be appropriate!

The judges will be the Resident Director (Marguerite Moore) and Resident Coordinator (Lindsay Steuber) of Peabody.

This program will have FREE food & drinks. Come out even if you do not wish to participate. It will be a fun event to get the whole Peabody community together.



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