Better Late Than Never

17 Nov

Hola peeps sorry I haven’t posted in a while but senate has been busy with all these totally awesome programs that we are doing.  I mean seriously a food drive, talent show, and trying to plan fun events for study days all in one month is just straight up malarky (word of the day right there, its fun you should use it).  Anyway I wanted to thank all those that came to the Halloween party I hope you all had an awesome time and pictures will be uploaded soon.  As for those of you who didn’t attend y’all missed out big time its okay though because you can always make up for it by coming to the talent show.  Seriously though, I’m hearing very good things about this talent show, I hear its going to be very entertaining.  So come out or senate will send zombies to your door or something, I mean you never know with senate they’re crazy.


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