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Apply to be an RA!!

23 Nov

Being an RA takes a lot of effort and time, but is as equally as rewarding!

RC Loida working at Peabody

RC Loida says that being an RA allowed her to develop as an individual.

“It taught me to respect the views and values of others and enabled me to question my own.”

RA JacQueline agrees, and says it’s an extraordinary opportunity to get to know people.

“I knew it would help me grow as a person in a variety of ways,” she explains, which is also her favorite part about being an RA.
“[Being a RA meant] being challenged to identify with people different from myself. Finding common ground is a challenge and a pleasure. My own beliefs have developed because of the constant questioning I must do.”

The RA Selection Application Deadline is next week on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 5pm.

If you are still interested in having an incredible leadership experience as well as getting lots of FREE stuff (Housing, Meal Plan and Book Stipend), then be like

RC Loida and RA JacQueline and APPLY NOW!