Homecoming Wrap Up

18 Oct

Hey Y’all!

I hope everyone had an awesome homecoming week.  The football game was awesome good job kicking some buffalo butt, but honestly the highlight of the game for me was the band, the 90’s totally rock my socks.  Also, Kid Cudi good times.  However most importantly, was the homecoming banner contest…….

 TA-DA! Thanks to all that helped out and for those of you who don’t know we won FIRST PLACE!  YEAH BUDDY!


Homecoming Banner

13 Oct

Calling all Peabodians,

As you all know homecoming is this week and, part of the festivities include a banner decorating contest and we want everyone to be a part of it.  The banner is supposed to represent Peabody hall so it would be great if we could have as many residents as possible help out with making it.  We are starting the banner tonight and if you help you get full bragging rights when we win.  No help = no bragging rights, okay you can have some but only because peabody is the best dorm ever.  Really though, tonight at the studio be there.

P.S: We took second place last year, which is good but it would be awesome if we got first.  In the words of Ricky Bobby, ” If you’re not first you’re last”

Welcome Peabuddies!

7 Oct

Hey peabodians,

Welcome to the Peabody’s Palette, the official blog of Peabody hall. Through out the year we will be posting updates for all of the fun shenanigans that go on in Peabody, were talking everything from Peabody prom to Ziggy the cat. This is the first official post of the school year, very exciting but also very delayed, so there’s lots to talk about.  First,  this week is National Coming Out Week, (NCOW for short) and so many great events are happening this week, on and off campus.  NCOW fest is taking place at the bell tower on Tuesday October 11th from 12 -1 so go out and show your support.  For a more detailed list of the events visit the NCOW website.  Secondly, Halloween is just around the corner so you know what that means… halloween parties.  More specifically Peabody’s Halloween party so break out your best costume because there’s gonna be a contest as well as food, games, music, and prizes all in peabody’s basement (ridiculous huh?).  So come party with Peabody October 27th from 7-9:30. Be there or be square, or better yet, come dressed as a square. Still not enough Halloween spirit?  After the party we will be showing a scary movie  for all you party animals who like to stay up late.  Also, if anyone would like to DJ the party please post on the Facebook group and let us know. Lastly, Senate hosts General Assembly meetings the first Thursday of every month.  So come out and tell us what you think of peabody, or just come out to meet us and hangout, either way come out we like the company.

Scavenger Hunt

30 Sep


1st place: Sarah Klein and Jamie Landgarten

they won a WHOLE PIZZA, bottle of soda, and a movie rental!

2nd place: Megan Phegley and William Thorsson

3rd place: Staci Hujsa and Arthur Deaville


Thanks to everone that came out!

Hope you had a lot of fun

Enjoy yourselves.

11 Jun

What’s up, Peabodians and Peabuddies?  I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!  Take it easy and enjoy yourselves with friends and family.  🙂


3 May

That’s right; Peabody’s own barbecue!  Come out tomorrow from 6-8 PM in the courtyard to enjoy some food and fun.  This is the last collective Peabody event as an entire building.  Hang out with your peabuddies, play some games, and take a break from finals.  It’s going to be a great time.  Hopefully you’ll all come out and enjoy yourselves.  It’s been a successful year and you deserve to have a good time.  🙂


21 Apr

Who’s ready for tonight? It’s Peabody Prom in the art studio. The theme is masquerade and make sure you come down for a fun filled night. There will be games, music, and snacks. You have until 5 PM to vote for Peabody Royalty.